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Tia TX

Hey, I'm a content creator and online retailer from the UK. I sell digital downloads and print on demand products online, and these income streams have greatly helped alleviate the financial pressures of student life. I create content to share what I learn throughout my ongoing entrepreneurial journey, and hopefully help others start and grow their online business. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel @TiaTX for video content :)

Cyber Security For eCommerce

In this article I’ll be discussing measures you can take to help improve the security of your eCommerce stores. Disclaimer: I am not a professional web developer or cyber security expert. These are just tips I implement to improve the…

Is Print on Demand Too Competitive?

I’m often asked whether print on demand is ‘saturated’ or ‘too competitive’ in whatever time frame we’re currently in. In this article I’ll be discussing whether or not I think this is the case. If you’re a beginner or someone…