Can You Have More Than One Account on Redbubble?

Are You Allowed Multiple Accounts?

I emailed Redbubble to clarify, and their official response confirmed that multiple accounts are allowed.

On their website they imply you can have multiple shops. You need to use a different email address for each account, but you can use the same Paypal or bank account for all your shops. You can’t combine the earnings though, so you’ll have to reach the $20 payment threshold for each account separately before you get paid out.

They haven’t mentioned a limit anywhere for a specific IP or Paypal or bank account, I’d assume it’s fine to have as many as you want within reason.

Benefits of Multiple Accounts

Just because you can have multiple accounts does that mean you should? I’ve managed to make sales on every shop I’ve opened, and I’ll discuss my experience and strategy growing these accounts and risks and benefits I’m aware of, so you can decide for yourself.

I decided to start multiple accounts for 2 reasons: firstly to test niches, meaning that I had a big general account where I uploaded everything. There were a few standout niches that sold well there. I made separate niche accounts for them where I only uploaded different variations of designs in those niches, so I can see which designs sell best.

It’s harder to make sales on new accounts, because they start low in search rank. When you make more sales, all your designs get moved up slightly in search ranking.

The second reason for making multiple accounts was just out of curiosity – to see if I could grow them from scratch just like a beginner would have to. As for whether you need to email them to let them know you have multiple shops, that’s up to you.

Another benefit of having multiple accounts is that it spreads the risk of losing your work. E.g. if you have 1000 designs in one account, then somehow that account gets suspended or shadowbanned, then all your work is affected. Check out Ryan Hogue’s video on how shadowbanning works.

Source: Ryan Hogue Passive Income

If you have multiple shops, it’s less likely all your designs will be affected if one account is shadowbanned. Regarding suspensions, I’ve seen many comments saying one shop was suspended but the others were fine even if they were made from the same IP address. Overall the more designs you have in one account, the more risk you’re undertaking of your entire Redbubble income getting wiped out.

Upload Limits

You must be really careful not to upload over the limit across all your accounts. The upload limit is 60 in any given 24 hour period. If you have multiple accounts you might lose count if you upload to more than one at once. There’s the possibility they’ll catch you out for trying to circumvent the upload limit through multiple accounts, even if you weren’t intending to break the rules, and suspend your account.

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