EtsyHunt – A FREE Etsy Research Tool

Etsyhunt is an Etsy research tool which gives you 10 free product, keyword and shop searches per day.

  • Product search using keywords
  • Keywords search which allows you to determine views, competition and sales potential as well as related keywords and their statistics
  • Lets you see the top 600 Etsy shops on a given day.

You can use it to find high demand low competition keywords to put in your titles and tags.

Title Template

The title is the most important part of your meta when it comes to SEO. You can use EtsyHunt to help you find keywords for your title for free.

There are many ways to write them. Etsy suggests to keep them ‘short and sweet’ but they’re always switching it up.

Whatever their algorithm may be at any given time, the listings that have sold best for me are always those that include high demand low competition keywords and lots of detail for the customer.

Use EtsyHunt to research 3 or 4 keywords, then label them:

[keyword1][keyword2][keyword3][keyword4] in order of demand/competition ratio, keyword 1 being the highest.

Then use this template:

(optional not bold):

[occasion][keyword1][descriptive word][object], [property][keyword 2][descriptive word][object synonym][keyword 3], [keyword 4] Gift for [person]


Christmas Dog Lover Mug, 8oz. Cute Puppy Cup With Color Inside, Doggy Gift for Mom

See my article on how I do detailed keyword research on Etsy with paid tools also.

Why is Etsy Research Necessary?

Etsy is very competitive and to increase the chance of making sales for the effort you put in, I think researching keywords is the best way to do this.

Some people prefer a more organic approach, and think research is a waste of time.

To quote someone in my comments section, ‘playing with numbers is not everything’. Personal experience, creativity, seller-customer relationships are all important on a marketplace like Etsy, which is intended to be focused on building communities.

There’s no guarantee research will get you sales over no research. Some people will list whatever they want, use 3 words in their title and no tags, and somehow end up on the front few pages. Good for them.

Other people can do research on a general niche, list items in that category and make sales without being pedantic. That’s also fine.

However, I like to try and find the optimal way to create listings, then use templates to replicate this over and over. This gives me peace of mind that every effort I put into my shop is optimized to the best of my ability, which makes sense to me. I also think it gives beginners a sense of direction.

Keep at it and you’ll find out what you prefer eventually – start with this and keep experimenting.

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